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If you are looking to improve ROI—both for your organization and in our community, Forward Sioux Falls is a perfect way to accomplish that.

The governing body of Forward Sioux Falls, the Joint Venture Management Committee, provides oversight. This committee is comprised of the executive committees of both the Chamber and Development Foundation, as well as at-large and ex-officio members. Annual audits are conducted to ensure pledges and investments are managed in a fiscally responsible manner. Program updates are communicated to investors through electronic messaging, briefings, one-on-one visits and on this website.

The results of Forward Sioux Falls since its formation in 1987 can be seen across the community. Through this community development program, we have worked together to diversify and strengthen our economy, enhancing economic development and quality of life for people across the Sioux Falls area. It’s a collaboration that is the envy of our peer communities, laying a strong foundation for economic growth that has positioned us well for the future. I look forward to seeing the results and success we will continue to achieve together!

Mayor Paul TenHaken


Our goals for the 2021-2026 campaign include 4,500 new direct jobs, 1,000 new housing units and more than $2 billion in business output. See the project impact.


Management of the initiatives is led by the Forward Sioux Falls Joint Venture Management Committee, which is comprised of the Executive Boards of the Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, as well as at-large members.

Investing in Forward Sioux Falls may be a deductible business expense. This platform is a joint venture between two tax exempt organizations (Sioux Falls Development Foundation & The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce) under section 501 (c)(6) of the IRS code. Please consult your tax advisor with more questions.

Forward Sioux Falls establishes a five-year program of work before any money is raised. Once the campaign has been completed, funds are used to implement the initiatives. Subsequently, progress is communicated through investor briefings, updates, electronic communication and one-on-one meetings.

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Mike Lynch

Program Director


For over thirty-five years, Forward Sioux Falls has been a productive platform for pursuing economic growth and implementing priority strategies, programs and projects. It has played a key role in our unique and proud story of success. Significant financial investments from the private and public sectors combined with the commitment of engaged volunteers and staff have fueled our programming and achievements.

As we facilitate our eighth multi-year program, we implore our investors—and all of the region’s stakeholders—to remain diligent and to maintain a requisite sense of urgency for our region’s continued growth and prosperity. Complacency and indifference among our stakeholders would threaten our progress. We owe it to those that came before us and to those who will follow to carry the torch. To do that, we need your support as we develop, execute and expand our initiatives.

We appreciate your thoughtful consideration of an investment in Forward Sioux Falls 2026.