Program Management & Administration

To make sure that our capital campaigns run smoothly, we allocate a certain amount to program management and administration, and budget for all of the strategies contained in our five-year program. For our 2026 program, we have a total budget of $15 million, with $2.3 million allocated for program management.

2026 Pillar #1


Funding for programs and initiatives that includes: YPN, a new housing fund, Talent Draft/Tour/Rebound events, electronic recruitment, Career Connections, Your Future STEM/IT, Reach, second chance & disability job fairs, Sioux Falls Thrive, WIN Summit, WIN Engagement Platform, Recruitment Council.

Budget: $4,000,000

2026 Pillar #2

Economic Development

Funding for programs and initiatives that includes: Software and tech to analyze opportunities, threats and market conditions, a Business Retention Calling program, comprehensive marketing to target industries and companies, International Trade Programs, and supporting the further development of Foundation Park.

Budget: $3,200,000

2026 Pillar #3


Funding for programs and initiatives that includes: A Cyber/IT Park at Dakota State University, the USD Discovery District and the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship/Startup Sioux Falls.

Budget: $2,500,000

2026 Pillar #4

Business Advocacy & Airport

Funding for programs and initiatives that includes: The Innovation Center of Excellence, implementing the “Future Sioux Falls” strategic plan, maintaining effective advocacy within all levels of government, legal and lobby counsel and marketing for Sioux Falls Regional Airport at Joe Foss Field.

Budget: $2,500,000

2026 Pillar #5

Program Management

Providing incremental resources to organizations to enable the delivery of Forward Sioux Falls’ strategies and initiative. Funding for investor relations services, financial development (capital campaign), volunteer/staff management and coordination, events and meetings and program and brand marketing.

Budget: $2,300,000

Total Budget to fund 2021-2026 initiatives